“Growing Together”

Becoming All We Are Meant to Be by Exalting Jesus to All He is Meant to Be

“Become your best self!” Self-actualization and self-development have cultic status in our culture. But when life’s stresses, sicknesses and the inevitability of death confront us, we are forced to admit that we are ultimately powerless to “become our best self.” How wonderful is it, then, that Jesus Christ holds out a guaranteed path to perfection through his gospel of grace? Join us on Sundays, February 24 to June 9 as we learn from the apostle Paul’s letter to the Colossians about how to become all that we were meant to be by exalting Jesus to all that he is preeminently meant to be in our lives!

"Confident as a Child in Christ"

by Albert Chung | | 02/24/2019

"Celebrating the Gospel and its Fruit"

by Albert Chung | | 03/03/2019

"Growing Together Through Prayer"

by Colin Brewster | | 03/10/2019

"Finding Joy in the Supremacy of Christ"

by Albert Chung | | 03/17/2019

"Understanding Christian Salvation"

by Albert Chung | | 03/24/2019

"Christian Encouragement"

by Albert Chung | | 03/31/2019

"Rooted in Christ"

by Albert Chung | | 04/07/2019

"Clinging to Christ"

by Matt Wilks | | 04/14/2019

"Raised with Christ!"

by Albert Chung | | 04/21/2019

"Putting on the New Self"

by Sam Ens | | 04/28/2019

"Putting on More than Clothes: A Christian's Daily Mentality"

by Albert Chung | | 05/05/2019

"Returning to God's Vision for Marriage"

by Albert Chung | | 05/12/2019

"Faith and Work"

by Russell Sutherland | | 05/19/2019

"Returning to God's Vision for Family"

by Albert Chung | | 05/26/2019

"The Christian Life is a Prayerful Life: Instructions on Prayer"

by Albert Chung | | 06/02/2019

"Are You Salty? Living Out a Wise Christian Witness"

by Albert Chung | | 06/09/2019

"Gospel Implications in Opposite Directions: Lifting and Lowering"

by Trevor Seath | | 06/16/2019

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