Living Happily because of the Gospel in the Everyday of Life

Christians should be the happiest people in the world. They have a joy in Jesus that outshines everything dark in this world. Join us as we dive into the ocean depths of gospel happiness found in Jesus and his grace.

God's Greatness and God's Grace

by Colin Brewster | Psalm 8 | 06/11/2017

Happiness: Thanksgiving for Today and Trust for Tomorrow

by Albert Chung | Psalm 16 | 06/18/2017

Happiness: Trusting the Steadfast Love of the Lord

by Albert Chung | Psalm 33 | 06/25/2017

Finding Happiness When Your Relationships are Broken

by Albert Chung | Psalm 56 | 07/09/2017

Finding Happiness in Life's Wildernesses

by Albert Chung | Psalm 63 | 07/16/2017

Finding Happiness When I'm Not Happy (This is embarrassing... the audio file is cut off and begins mid-sermon. Apologies.)

by Albert Chung | Psalm 86 | 07/23/2017

Finding Happiness in Being Heard

by Albert Chung | Psalm 116 | 08/13/2017

A Reason to Rejoice

by Chris Pigniatello | Psalm 118 | 08/20/2017

Finding Happiness by Finding Good Help

by Albert Chung | Psalm 146 | 08/27/2017

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