“Authentic Christianity”

Learning from the Letter of James about Christian Being and Doing

“Walk the talk.” We can appreciate folks who do what they say and act according to their beliefs and values. We call this “authenticity.” Our actions reveal what we believe and value. Some of us need to take a good look in the mirror to see whether we are living authentically. Christianity is meant to be authentic, no less. Join us Sundays, June 23 to September 1, as we delve into James’ letter about authentic Christianity.

"Help! I Need More than a Good Pep Talk" | James 1_1-8

by Albert Chung | 06/23/2019

"Are You Humble or Humbled?" | James 1_9-11

by Albert Chung | 06/30/2019

"Never Give In! Never, Never, Never!" | James 1_12-18

by Russell Sutherland | 07/07/2019

"A Life Pleasing to God" | James 1_19-27

by Colin Brewster | 07/14/2019

"The False Glory of Partiality" | James 2_1-13

by Sam Ens | 07/21/2019

"Filtering Our Speech" | James 3_1-12

by Albert Chung | 08/04/2019

"The World, Wisdom, and Works" | James 3_13-18

by Russ Sutherland | 08/11/2019

"Becoming Mature in Our Relationships" | James 4_1-12

by Colin Brewster | 08/18/2019

"A Christian Perspective on Suffering, Seductions, Success, and Stress" | James 5_7-12

by Albert Chung | 08/25/2019

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