“Overflowing Grace”

Be Glad, Belong, and Be a Blessing! A Refresher on Trinity Grace’s Vision

Let’s get refreshed in Trinity Grace’s vision. Our vision is Jesus, himself. He is our aim and goal. Why? Because the person Jesus Christ is the gospel of God. God’s grace has been poured out to us through his Son. The grace of Christ overflows into a new culture, a new community, and a new city. Our part is to be glad in Jesus’ new culture, to belong in his new community, and to be a blessing as we build and look forward to his new city. Join us Sundays, September 8 to 22, as we revisit our church’s vision.

"Being Glad in Jesus' New Culture" | Ephesians 3_1-13 (Whoops... excuse the recording technical difficulties at around minute 29)

by Albert Chung | 09/08/2019

"Finding Belonging in Jesus' New Community" | Ephesians 3_14-19

by Albert Chung | 09/15/2019

"Be a Blessing to Build Jesus' New City" | Ephesians 3_20-21

by Albert Chung | 09/22/2019

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