Mission, Vision & Values

What Drives Us

Our Mission: Our Day to Day Unchanging Purpose

We exist to glorify God as we enjoy, follow, and share Jesus.

Our Vision: Our 30,000 Ft View of a Preferred Future

As we enjoy, follow, and make disciples of Jesus, we aspire to:

Overflow Jesus’ gospel of grace in all its beauty into a new culture, a new community, and a new city, for the good of our neighbourhoods and beyond.

  • We dream of a New Culture replete with beautiful stories of lives and communities transformed by God’s grace, even in the cracked and broken places.
  • We dream of a New Community that surprises our neighbours with relationships characterized by transparency, forgiveness, acceptance, and loving accountability.
  • We dream of a New City that shines mercy, justice, reconciliation, and human flourishing in the present darkness even as it beckons us upwards to the eternal City of God.

Our Values: The Compass that Guides Our Church’s Decisions

Our values align us to a “true north” and guide us toward the fulfillment of our mission and vision.

Along the way, in building a New Culture, we seek to be:

  • Scripture guided;
  • Christ uplifting;
  • Spirit dependent.


Along the way, in building a New Community, we seek to be:

  • Full of grace in relationships;
  • Full of truth in relationships;
  • Motivated to mature.


Along the way, in building a New City, we seek to:

  • Demonstrate the gospel through mercy and justice;
  • Engage culture with the gospel;
  • Synergize a gospel movement locally and globally.