2019 is underway. I want to encourage us to be renewed and re-resolved in pursuing some habits. Though Christ followers have a wonderfully different motivation for pursuing new habits from the world, we are certainly called to grow new habits (you can read about our unique Christian motivation and power for growing new habits here in another post here). At some point in our identity, we really are the little things we do everyday. And what better “little thing” than to invest time into our relationship with God?

Here are some helpful suggestions.

  1. Start a Scripture reading plan. For those of you with a smartphone or tablet, I highly recommend the Read Scripture App. Learn more by clicking here. And you can download the app from the iTunes or Google Play stores.
  2. Continue to learn to pray. Prayer is…  1. a lifelong journey of learning to converse with God, 2. honestly from our hearts, 3. based on his promises in Scripture. If you would like help learning to pray from the Psalms, I highly recommend Tim Keller’s devotional based on the Psalms; you can purchase a copy here. Or join us at Morning Prayer, Saturdays 9-10 am in the upper room.
  3. Join a New Community. The core of Trinity Grace’s community life is equally in our gathered worship on Sundays and our scattered geography based midweek missional communities. Click here to learn more about joining a New Community. Or participate in the quarterly Women’s and Men’s New Community Breakfasts!
  4. Develop a Christian worldview by working through New City Catechism. A catechism is a series of questions and answers that teach a set of principles. The New City Catechism is an excellent modern tool similar to the Westminster Catechism and London Baptist Confession of old. There are 52 questions and answers, paired with Scripture, explanations, and prayers to take you on a wonderful journey of learning once a week for the year. Learn more about New City Catechism by clicking here. And download the app from the iTunes or Google Play stores.
  5. For families! The New City Catechism has a child-friendly mode built right into the app. There are even children’s songs built right into the app. The Chungs have used this app for our family worship. It’s amazing what the kids can pick up through a simple question and answer format. And they enjoy the songs!

Let’s grow together and share the joy of having Christ formed in us!

Grace and peace,